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Aug 18, 2022

Clear view when buying windows thanks to AR

In conversation with Digitalradar MünsterLAND

Both DBS managing directors Dr Matthias Koch and Karl Dietrich Wellsow answered the questions of Digitalradar MünsterLAND in an exclusive interview. Specifically, they talked about the spin-off of DBS and the development of the augmented reality application DBS WinDo Imaging.

Augmented reality for customer acquisition

With a total of five solution areas, the digital toolbox of DBS covers all stages of the value chain in window construction. Starting with customer acquisition up to the after-sales service.

For the process of customer acquisition, DBS has created a tool that supports window sales by displaying the complete visualisation of the window product in the customer's environment. "Imagine inheriting your grandma's house with white windows and a yellow brick façade - there is no imagination of how the whole house might look with a white façade and grey windows. For this target group, our application is a real support for the purchase decision," says Matthias Koch about the DBS WinDo Imaging tool.

With WinDo Imaging, window elements can be visualized directly at the customer's premises. Via an app, window elements can easily be placed in the preferred position in the room or in the façade. The desired parameters such as shapes, colours and handles can also be adjusted individually.

Technical challenges, high complexity & positive feedback

During the development of the AR app based on Unity with the additional plugin ARFoundation, several difficulties had to be overcome. "The biggest challenge was to use the technology appropriately. We absolutely underestimated the complexity," explains Karl Dietrich Wellsow in the interview. In window construction, there are two levels to consider. For example, for the windowsill the Z-dimensioning has to be taken into account. Additional topics such as floor calibration, visualisation on the wall and usability have turned the development into quite a long process. Today, the app is being used by some customers already and it is being tested diligently. So far WinDo Imaging has definitely achieved a wow effect.

DBS is a spin-off from VEKA AG

VEKA AG from Sendenhorst is a producer of plastic profile systems for manufacturing windows, doors, roller shutters and sliding doors. In 2020, Digital Building Solutions GmbH (DBS) was spun off from an area of the IT department. The aim of this spin-off is to accelerate the development of customer-centred and digital service solutions.

The IT at VEKA AG's headquarters was originally divided into three areas. Firstly, system operations and secondly, SAP applications for all internal company divisions. As head of the third department, Karl Dietrich Wellsow was responsible for the Customer Service area, which was concerned with the digitalization of processes at and with customers. The spin-off of the department and the operational start of DBS followed in 2020.

You can read further insights and background information on the spin-off and AR application in the full interview on the website of Digitalradar MünsterLAND. The article is only available in German language.

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The digital transformation can only be shaped through exchange

This is shown on many levels: On the one hand, DBS is in direct exchange with customers and partners in the development and optimization of digital solutions. On the other hand, the Digitalradar münsterLAND also relies on the exchange with companies. As a regional networking platform for digital business models in the manufacturing sector, the platform pursues the goal of developing suitable tools and methods to support the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector. This is done in direct exchange with the SMEs.

The Digitalradar münsterLAND was initiated out of the EU project DigiTrans@KMU. This is a joint project of the Institute for Process Management and Digital Transformation (IPD) of Münster University of Applied Sciences, the business development agencies of the districts of Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt and Warendorf and mü e.V.

With our membership in mü e.V., DBS has been part of the largest community for digital business models in Münsterland since April 2022.

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