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DBS WinDo Experts

Master Data & Consulting at its best

Processes and data always under control

Your profile system provider constantly offers innovations and updates to its product portfolio. No matter whether it is a new profile system, an update to an existing profile or a new foil you can now choose from. In addition, your purchasing conditions – i.e. net prices – can also be changed. Moreover, your partner in the window construction software (3E, KLAES) offers further developments and new functionalities (modules) regularly to support your processes.

Do you sometimes wish to have a helping hand, in order to keep an overview of all these tasks? Do you wish to have a contact person, who knows the practice of your industry as well as the IT environment you are dealing with?

DBS WinDo Experts is the answer to your questions. The solution offers the ideal combination of window technology, IT and business knowledge.

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Features at a glance

The solution DBS WinDo Experts includes the two specialized services of master data and consulting.

Your benefits

More time for your core competencies
No worries about updates
Professional software use
Smooth production processes

Technical requirements

At the moment we offer our solution DBS WinDo Experts for the following window construction software systems:

  • 3E-Look

What our customers say

Today, more than 140 business partners already use our DBS services in Germany and in many other European countries.

The software experts of the DBS WinDo Experts team ensured, that my machines and the KLAES software are optimally controlled. After only two weeks of implementation, we already have produced the first elements.
Thorsten Leicht
LEICHT Fenster & Türen GmbH
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The solution in detail

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience, not only in the technical profile sector, but also in the production processes of window manufacturing and window construction. This know-how is implemented in your existing window construction software. At the same time, the commercial aspects are taken into account. We always keep all aspects in view and rely on many years of experience – for an optimal workflow of your core processes.

DBS WinDo Experts consists of two elements, which can be applied according to your needs and objectives:

Master Data

The DBS WinDo Experts master data team with its master data and update services offers the right foundation for smooth and secure production and business processes. This foundation is based on three pillars:

  • Master data service:
    This service is the initial equipment of your window construction software with master data. Of course you can also use the service, if you want to replace your existing data with new “fresh” master data.
  • Update service:
    Stay up to date with regard to new developments and updates of the master data. Your individual adjustments (Customizing) are taken into account and are not overwritten.
  • Material Price Update Service:
    With the third pillar, we even go one step further: we provide you with your individual purchase prices regularly or, if you wish, on a daily basis. Based on your net purchasing conditions, this allows you to make a detailed calculation of your articles.

The many years of experience of our team always ensures a first-class and professional quality of service.

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After the initial master data has been imported, the DBS WinDo Experts consulting team helps you to optimize your core processes: from purchasing to production to sales.

Over the last years our team has developed a comprehensive expert knowledge of windows. Additionally, our team has 30 years of experience with KLAES. This allows us to tailor the software exactly to your needs. We provide user trainings and make customer-specific adaptations at your premises (customizing). This enables you to use the software to its full extent. At the same time you gain time for your core competences.

This individual consultation and the many years of experience in window construction allow us to “think ahead” in your personal interest. Benefit from this experience and discover new possibilities, which make your daily work a lot easier.

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VAMOS – Complexity made simple

If desired, you can use the software solution VAMOS to simplify the decisive processes of material disposition. From the determination of requirements, to the use of standardized EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) ordering functions, to warehouse management. The software solution is characterized by practical functionalities, high security and accuracy with maximum ease of use. VAMOS offers the efficient integration of suppliers, producers and customers so that goods are provided in the right quantities, at the right place and at the right time.

Master data equipment

The controllability of data with an increasing number of products and growing design variations is becoming more and more important. We offer master data of the highest quality for the software solution VAMOS. Since VAMOS offers the possibility to integrate further third-party suppliers, e.g. from the fittings sector, you can benefit from a comprehensive ordering tool. Via defined interfaces, VAMOS is thus supplied with extensive master data, which makes your working day easier.

Features at a glance

  • Planning, management and control of all logistics activities occurring in a supply chain
  • Transparency and optimization of material and information flows along the logistics chain
  • Early problem detection and improved reliability
  • Realistic assessment of delivery and smooth processes
  • Increased efficiency at reduced capital commitment costs

Your advantages

  • Optimized structure in purchasing and warehousing
  • Precise orders
  • Transparency of all movements of goods and stocks
  • Avoidance of incorrect or incomplete orders


You are interested in DBS WinDo Experts?
Our product team is looking forward to your inquiry:

Stephan Kunz
Stephan Kunz
Product Manager Master Data
Your contact for general product questions, Master data and updates in 3E-Look as well as requests for master data for external systems
Thomas Stermann
Thomas Stermann
Product Manager Consulting
Your contact for general product questions, project inquiries and potential analysis