BIM – Building Information Modeling
DBS WinDo Planning

BIM – Building Information Modeling

BIM-compliant window planning

DBS WinDo Planning supports digital window planning. Together with our partners we pave the way towards BIM.

In close cooperation with our partners, we are driving digital window planning forward. Our solution DBS WinDo Planning is specialized in the trade of windows and doors. With the help of the software solution, we are technologically closing the gap to BIM, enabling architects and planners to plan windows faster, more efficiently and in a BIM-compliant way.

Projects can be planned and tendered on a technically sound basis – and this according to all standards. Using the planning software, projects can then be exported in the common and field-proven formats GAEB and BIM (IFC, Revit and ArchiCAD). In this way we promote the digital exchange between architects and window manufacturers and enable a faster and more efficient cooperation between both parties.

Architects' Darling Award

As part of the German Architects’ Darling Award from Heinze Marktforschung, our partner GEALAN was awarded gold for the third time in a row in the category "Best BIM Data Offering". This year's 1st place honor once again names the BIM offering the best solution in the construction industry in Germany.

We congratulate our partner for winning the award and like to say thanks for the good cooperation.

The Architects' Darling Award of Heinze GmbH has been awarded since 2011. Once a year, architects and planners are given the opportunity to determine and evaluate their favourite companies among manufacturers.

Architects’ Darling Award 2022

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM for short) is a planning method in the construction industry. The core of the method are digital models that contain all relevant project- and product-specific data. These can be exchanged among all participants without any losses or problems. Additional information, such as costs and deadlines, can also be stored in the 3D models.

Why Building Information Modeling?

Using the BIM method projects and processes are being improved and made much more flexible. The mutual communication of all persons involved in the construction process becomes more transparent. This is improving both planning reliability and cost efficiency. Necessary process changes can be identified already at an early stage and than taken into account in all further steps.

Via a CAD interface, all products including their detailed information can be uploaded into the planning software on a daily basis. The automatic updates safe significantly more time. In addition, specifications and building descriptions can be implemented more quickly and, thanks to intelligent filters and search functions, planners save even more of their valuable time.

BIM & sustainability

BIM, as a holistic approach in the construction industry, is playing an increasingly important role in the field of sustainable construction. Since the BIM method provides all relevant information over the entire life cycle of a building, the building is viewed as a whole over many years – from technical advice and planning to the final demolition.

DBS WinDo Planning - BIM cycle
BIM cycle

Creating native BIM elements

In the following video, our partner BIMSTONE shows the use of BIM files in window planning. Using VEKA profile systems as an example, high-quality native BIM files are used during window planning. BIM objects for Revit and Archicad are available to fabricators, architects and planners.

In addition to extensive functionality and setting options for every planning application, the elements offer precise profile sections and detailed product information.

Creating native BIM elements

Creating native BIM elements

Window planning made easy

You are interested and like to simplify your window planning? Then check out our digital solutions for window planning:


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