Window visualization using WinDo Imaging
DBS WinDo Imaging

Window visualization in new dimensions

The selection of new windows and doors has never been so easy

“How would different coloured windows look like?” “How does a sliding door work on this wall?”

Questions that you or your customers certainly ask, but which are difficult to answer, if the own imagination is missing. Thanks to new, digital possibilities, these questions can be answered visually. Use digital solutions for visualization by means of augmented reality (AR) or AI (artificial intelligence) to make targeted and informed decisions for yourself and for your customers.

The Augmented Reality App for window visualization


Icon WindowViewer
  • Use AR to visualize window elements in your environment
  • Easily via your smartphone or tablet with the WindowViewer app
  • Place selected window elements at the preferred location in the room
  • Change the desired parameters in the blink of an eye: Shapes, colours, handles, window sills, etc.
  • User-defined templates based on the DBS WinDo Planning software are also possible
  • The selection of windows and doors has never been so easy

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WindowViewer Screenshots
Screenshots from the app WindowViewer
AI-supported visualization for the entire façade


Icon FacadeXperience
  • Device-independent application for visualizing your façade (desktop/ tablet/ mobile)
  • AI-controlled algorithm for the recognition of window elements
  • Reading of the window dimensions (width and height)
  • Display of the façade with new window elements
  • Colouring of the existing façade in a new colour tone

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Screenshot WindowDesigner
Screenshots of the WindowDesigner
Screenshots taken from the WindowDesigner
The virtual profile sample


Icon ProfileViewer
  • Use the virtual profile sample as an augmented reality solution
  • No extra app is necessary
  • Direct placement of a 3D element in the web browser
  • Display of animations
  • Highlight special features and innovations
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Your benefits

Saving time and money
Better insights into the design
Accelerated construction progress
Profound decisions

Augmented Reality in detail

Augmented reality enables the visualization of 3D models within your own home. In this way, you can display window and door elements on the desired building object in the blink of an eye. Windows and door elements can be easily changed and removed in just a few steps, and this can be done easily using a smartphone or tablet.

AR benefits service providers, technicians, designers, architects, project managers, the entire construction team and also the building owner. Because they all get sufficient data that ensures both accuracy and speed. AR also gives you the ability to navigate each phase of the project and spot errors before they even occur. This saves time and money.

Augmented reality is considered one of the best technological advances in the construction industry, as it improves all processes involved in the project.


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