The whistleblower system of Digital Building Solutions GmbH

We attach great importance to compliance with legal regulations and our internal rules. Therefore, we must identify risks and violations at an early stage in order to avert possible damage to employees, our partners and the company.

Our whistleblower system is designed to give you the opportunity to inform us about violations of legal regulations and/or rules. In this way, you help to protect our company.

Contact our Compliance Organisation

In the event of suspected violation of rules, infringements of the law or if you have any indications of such violations, you can contact us as follows.

Digital Building Solutions GmbH
Compliance Officer
Dieselstaße 8
D- 48324 Sendenhorst

Telephone: +49 2526 29-6236

We follow up all tips conscientiously. In connection with the processing of such information, we attach great importance to confidentiality and fair dealings with the whistleblower. Of course, this also applies to any employees who may be affected by an allegation.

Contact form

It is also possible to submit information anonymously using the contact form below. In this case, please include as many details and documents (if available) as possible to support your suspicion. Of course, your tip can only have an effect if there are sufficiently concrete investigative leads. Even though reporting is possible anonymously, you can leave your contact details, which will enable a personal exchange.

When uploading files, please make sure that you confirm the upload by clicking on the "Upload" button.