DBS WinDo Flow - CockPit
DBS WinDo Flow - Cockpit

The digital memory of your windows

Additional sales potential thanks to digital processes and modern customer communication

The cockpit is the heart of the DBS WinDo Flow solution, because you control all your orders and data via the cockpit. Using the web interface, orders can be combined into objects. Activities such as the installation or service requests can be evaluated.

You as a window manufacturer or dealer can issue and manage all authorizations for projects, orders, windows and doors from one application via the cockpit. You can also invite your employees and partners to use DBS WinDo Flow and assign access rights.

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Features at a glance

  • Reduce your manual administration effort, because due to the fully digital documentation, printing costs and time-consuming filing are eliminated.
  • Keep track of orders, rework or complaints and assign them to your partners or installers.
  • Register service requests in a structured way, because all requests are received in a standardized way, which means they can be sorted, prioritized and processed independently.
  • Create customer-specific product and service offers and use new up- and cross-selling potentials.
  • You can also minimize legal risks, as binding information can be provided automatically and digitally.
DBS WinDo Flow CockPit

Your benefits

All relevant data in one place
Clear order status in real time
Passing on orders to partners or fitters
Configuration tool for customer contact
Explained in video

Insights into the software

Gain detailed insights into the NFC technology for window manufacturers and installers. The video shows you the use of the cockpit as well as the app InstallationPro in 5 steps: From glazing, order processing and installation planning to the documentation and final acceptance.

Video WinDo Flow

DBS WinDo Flow – The NFC-Chip for windows | Explained in 5 steps

DBS WinDo Flow Cockpit
DBS WinDo Flow

Success Stories

Our solutions and services in use by customers: Find out more about our projects and how WinDo Flow supports the digitalization of business processes in window construction.

to the success stories

The solution in detail

Using the cockpit you can control the entire DBS WinDo Flow system. From data and object management, to the installation processes, up to the service for end customers.

Special benefit: The installation progress at the construction site is sent back to the system digitally. So if the installation is faster or slower than expected, you can flexibly reschedule and optimize your capacities continuously.

You can also control all contents for the app InstallationPro and the service website WindowPass via the cockpit. Using individual push messages, you can send customer-specific product offers (upselling/upgrades), e.g. for fly screens, security fittings, security handles etc. directly to suitable customers. You can also use customer-specific service offers (cross-selling), such as offers for maintenance (readjustments) and care (window cleaners in the vicinity), in a targeted manner. This means you can use additional sales potential.

The design of the app and website can also be customized to represent your own corporate identity by using your logo and corporate colours. Your customers also find your latest contact information, so they can get into contact with you as the respective window manufaturer or dealer directly. This allows you to manage and optimize all your window construction processes from one digital solution.


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