DBS WinDo Flow
DBS WinDo Flow

The window with the digital view

Discover new possibilities with an integrated chip in the window profile

Imagine you could manage and organize all processes in window construction quickly and conveniently from one application. That means from window production, to the installation at the end customer, up to the processing of service requests. DBS WinDo Flow makes it possible – with digital and centrally controlled window and installation processes.

DBS WinDo Flow is the digital memory for your windows. The software solution can be used to process data, document processes and communicate with installers and end customers.

Overall, the solution consists of an NFC chip or a QR code, a web interface (Cockpit), the mobile app InstallationPro and the service website WindowPass. Using a small NFC chip or QR code, which is installed into the window or door sash, all data, orders and objects can be viewed and managed digitally. Due to the unique identification and on-hand information, installation and approval at the customer’s premises is made easier and faster.

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Your benefits

Seamless digital tracking of orders
Increased efficiency through lean processes
Simplified & mobile installation processes on site
New sales channel with extra customer service

Features at a glance

  • Import information and attachments of orders and products with the help of ERP interfaces, which enable data exchanges between the window construction software and the DBS WinDo Flow system
  • Document the process flow digitally, because NFC chips or QR codes are already used in the manufacturing process to identify the individual window and door products
  • Plan and transfer orders with all relevant data to installers – even external ones
  • Access the product information and instructions you need for your installation at any time
  • Document the successful installation or any defects digitally and send them directly to the responsible employee in the office
  • Scan and read out your window data and send inquiries of all kinds directly to your service partner

DBS WinDo Flow process

DBS WinDo Flow explained in 5 steps

Learn more about the possibilities of NFC technology for the window fabricator and installer in detail. The video shows you the use of the cockpit as well as the app InstallationPro in 5 steps: From glazing, order processing and installation planning to the documentation and final acceptance.

DBS WinDo Flow Video DE

How does the chip get into the window?

Our partners Horst Klaes GmbH & Co. KG and LEICHT Fenster & Türen GmbH have produced a short video to explain the use of NFC technology in practice. The video shows, how the NFC chip is installed into the window:

DBS WinDo Flow - NFC Technologie
DBS WinDo Flow Cockpit
DBS WinDo Flow

Success Stories

Our solutions and services in use by customers: Find out more about our projects and how WinDo Flow supports the digitalization of business processes in window construction.

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Technical requirements

  • Hardware: Smartphone or tablet with NFC antenna
  • Software: iOS/ iPadOS (from version 13) and Android (from version 6)
  • Internet connection
  • Recommendation: ERP interface (e.g. Klaes, Cantor, 3E etc.)


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