DBS WinDo Flow WindowPass
DBS WinDo Flow WindowPass

The WindowPass for end customers

Discover new service and communication possibilities via NFC chip or QR code

Our world and our homes are becoming smarter and smarter. So the question arises: Why not digitalize the windows?

With a small chip in the window profile or a QR code on the window sash, digitalization works in no time at all. Without the installation of an app WindowPass your end customers can easily scan each of your windows with their smartphone and receive detailed information about the product and about you as a window manufacturer or dealer. The WindowPass is part of the DBS WinDo Flow solution and enables a holistic process optimization in window construction.

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Features at a glance

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  • You can use the WindowPass as a new communication channel and discover new marketing opportunities
  • Expand your after-sales opportunities and answer service inquiries in a targeted and structured manner
  • Design the WindowPass in your corporate design and professionalize your company’s presentation to end customers
  • Provide customer-specific documents such as certificates, care instructions or manuals
  • Use the WindowPass as a sales argument to the end customer, because he can also benefit from advantageous features

Your benefits

Increased customer loyalty
Modern customer service
New sales potential
Secure a competitive advantage

Insights into the app

All information on the installed windows at a glance.

Screenshots from the WindowPass app
DBS WinDo Flow Cockpit
DBS WinDo Flow

Success Stories

Our solutions and services in use by customers: Find out more about our projects and how WinDo Flow supports the digitalization of business processes in window construction.

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The solution in detail

Using the WindowPass you can offer your customers a modern and extended customer service, because the user receives all important contact details and information about you as his partner directly to his phone. If your customer has a question, he can contact you directly via the website. He can also make specific service enquiries, which are sent the right contact person immediately. Since you receive requests in a standardized way, you can sort and prioritize orders and process them independently.

Use the WindowPass as a digital communication channel to the end customer, since you can present the site in the look and feel of your company. Create individual content according to your needs. For example, a window guide provides useful tips on windows and window care. Answer frequently asked questions like: How do I recognize a defective seal? My window does not close properly, what can I do? How do I find the right fly screens for my new windows?

Your customer will find the answers with one scan in the WindowPass. This reduces the amount of time-consuming or random calls to your customer service.

Also your end customer has advantages of using the WindowPass:

  • More information about the product and about you as a contractual partner
  • Direct contact to you as his contractual partner
  • Time savings, due to targeted information on service requests
  • Reduced paper consumption, which protects the environment


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